• Thomas Doggett

Past Shows...and other interesting facts

In addition to promoting upcoming shows, I've decided to use my SHOWS page to share past performances and interesting facts about them. It will be a work-in-progress because some things are documented and others are not. Sometimes, I'll need to rely on my memory and sometimes the memory of others. My life so far has been filled with a variety of musical experiences and I'm thankful for all of them. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones that went better than expected, and even the ones that fell apart so bad that I wished I could have changed my DNA to escape what was happening on stage. For so long, I took for granted my experiences; I was always looking for something better. I always thought that I wasn't doing anything when in fact, I was doing a lot. Even as I type that sentence, I wish I could have done more but here's the beautiful thing: I'm not done yet. I'll play music until I die. I mean, right now, in 2018, I'm playing better than I ever have. I say this every year but that's just it; I'm always getting better. With a growth-mindset and the stubbornness not to settle, I'll continue to get better. Next year, I'll be writing about this year and this year has a lot in store. There's an album about to be released, an album about to be recorded,, new songs for an EP being written and rehearsed, and a world premiere of a piece written for me. That doesn't even include the ideas swimming around in my head. As always, thanks for reading this. Check out the page from time to time and the next time you hear me, I'll be a little better.

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