Blending folk, jazz, and rock, singer/instrumentalist Gary Ruschman leans into his Kentucky roots on this solo debut, featuring emotional old-timey balladry and uplifting summertime jams.  
Released 2019   Thomas Doggett: tenor saxophone on All Are Welcome Here, DipsyDoodle, and Biggest Sky 
Ducharme-Jones/Vagabonds and Poets, the second album from this husband and wife duo, features 12 original songs and a cover of Dolly Parton’s classic hit ‘Jolene.’ Ducharme-Jones crosses genres, crafting songs that are lyrical with a little hook to captivate and create a connection between the artist and their audience. 
Released 2019  Tommy Doggett, tenor saxophone on Dirty Little Secret 
The sophomore album by Courtney Krause, 'Tie Your Tongue, Bite Your Lip' and is an expression of the battle between heart, mind, and words. The song and album are filled with tongue twisters, alliterations, and complicated ideas told through simpler writings and rhymes. 
Released 2018  Tommy Doggett, tenor saxophone
The debut album from English features a broad range of sounds from the retro rock vibes of "Waiting" to alt-country stompers like "Devil You Know."  This wide spectrum of influences is glued together by the band's tight rhythm section, blistering horns and dynamic lead vocals.
Released 2017  Tommy Doggett, tenor saxophone
I coined the term "industrial jazz" and combined my love of two seemingly opposite genres.  The result was four songs that are lyrical and gritty.
Released 2014  Thomas Doggett: Tenor Saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument, Drum Programming, Engineer. 
Two Turntables and a Saxophone, manipulating turntables and woodwinds, The Late Circuit and Thomas Krenzel Doggett have created a buzz with their acid-jazz, break-beat, film score influenced sound. It's the classical-meets-electronica of Enigma and jazz-meets-breakbeat of Mocean Worker. 
released 2004   

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