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Blending folk, jazz, and rock, singer/instrumentalist Gary Ruschman leans into his Kentucky roots on this solo debut, featuring emotional old-timey balladry and uplifting summertime jams. 

Envisioned as a musical travelogue, Biggest Sky is filled with sonic layovers in big cities, small towns, and the mountains, deserts, and fields in between. Mixing influences ranging from Appalachian folksong to contemporary jazz and sounds experienced on tour across the globe, Gary's lyrics layer on the themes of how we take care of one another, life lessons, wants and needs--and the differences between them.

released December 5, 2019 

Thomas Doggett: saxophone on All Are Welcome Here, DipsyDoodle, and Biggest Sky 

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Ducharme-Jones/Vagabonds and Poets, the second album from this husband and wife duo, features 12 original songs and a cover of Dolly Parton’s classic hit ‘Jolene.’ The self-produced collection was recorded in Des Moines at their home studioDucharme-Jones crosses genres, crafting songs that are lyrical with a little hook to captivate and create a connection between the artist and their audience. This is their second album together, following their 2016 release Ducharme-Jones/Strangest Things.

Click on their picture to hear "Dirty Little Secret" featuring Tommy Doggett on saxophone.

In the world of jazz, the trio has always been my favorite to listen to and play in.  It's an absolute joy to play with Scot Sutherland and Russ Tomlinson and explore the songs that we enjoy.


"Singer-songwriter Courtney Krause brought her ethereal sound and heartfelts songs to Studio One Underground in November. Backed by an all-star band of Des Moines musicians, and performing before an enthusiastic crowd at the Des Moines Social Club, we were treated to two amazing sets of songs from both of Courtney's albums. "

Click on the photo to visit Iowa Public Radio and listen to both sets of music.

The sophomore album 'Tie Your Tongue, Bite Your Lip' and is an expression of the battle between heart, mind, and words. The song and album are filled with tongue twisters, alliterations, and complicated ideas told through simpler writings and rhymes. Whereas the last album, 'Thoughts and Sound', represented an internal dialog of analytically sympathetic minds, this new project represents the verbal manifestations of thought through expressions of truthful conversation and the courage we seek to speak those words.

Debut album from English: There's Nothing New Under the Sun.  

Knee-deep in the heartland, a mix of Americana, Motown, Country Western, Pop, and Rock.  Available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Spotify.  

"...songs where the Circuit and TKD are joined by guitarist Aaron Mahoney are among the disc's best. ...shows off TTaaS's all-important ability to create a sultry mood. The epic "Getting There"'s steady drum 'n' bass beat provides a solid floor for atmospheric eddies of guitar, meshing surprisingly well with more organic elements such as chimes and TKD's birdlike saxophone." Splendid Magazine 2005.

"Soundscapes lead to breakbeats before flying off into acid-jazz undertakings. Sometimes simplistic and downtempo, occasionally motivating and agitating. Two Turntables and a Saxophone (6 out of 10)" Maximum Ink Music Magazine 2005