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Are you intested in taking your playing to a new level?  Are you just starting out or have you been playing for a while?  Regardless, I'd like to help you navigate your learning.  

In the past, I've always done lessons in person but now, I can teach anyone in the world.  Contact me if you are interested in lessons.

When it comes to practicing, it should have an end.  Meaning: "what are you practicing for?"  Yes, longtones and scales are important but only if they are for something.  To me, everything is about the song.  I sometimes will say "serve the song" meaning that every note and rhythm should be for the song not for you; leave your ego out of it. But regarding your ego, ask yourself: "do I know the song?"  There are many ways to prove that you know the song but for me, if I can play the song by myself and outline the chord changes, and make it interesting, I feel like I know the song.  This video is me practicing the song Lucky Southern.